God forsakes Antony

When suddenly at midnight
an invisible thiasus is heard passing by
with exquisite music, with voices-
do not mourn to no avail
for your fate that gives in, your abortive
projects, the plans of your life that proved all wrong.
Being ready in advance, being brave,
wave goodbye to Alexandria which goes away.
Above all don't fool yourself, don't say
it was a dream, that you misheard
do not condescend to such futile hopes.
Being ready in advance, being brave,
as befits you who have been the equal of such a city,
steadily approach the window,
and listen with emotion, but not
with the entreaties and complaints of the coward,
-as a last treat- the sounds,
the exquisite instruments of the secret thiasus,
and wave goodbye to Alexandria which is being lost to you.

The glory of the Prolemies
I am Lagidis the king. I absolutely possess
(with my might and wealth) pleasures.
No Macedonian, or barbarian is my equal
or close to me. Seleucidis is ridiculous
with his vulgar voluptuousness.
If, however, you are seeking other thrills, you are in the right place.
The city that instructs, the panhellenic peak,
the wisest in every word, in every art.

C. Cavafy, Apanta, -, Athens, Ikaros editions, 1982, pp. 20 and 28 respectively.