Many organizations were founded by the Demoticists of this period. Their aim was to defend and disseminate the national language, demotic Greek;

their demand for educational reform was directly linked to the language struggle. Among the most important were: Etaireia i ethniki glossa (Society for the National Language), 1904-5, Athens; Foititiki syntrofia (Students' Company), 1910, Athens; Adelfato (Brotherhood), 1908, Constantinople; Syllogos gia tin ethniki glossa o Solomos (Club for the National Language Solomos), 1909, Chania; Syllogos Dimotikiston Irakliou Kritis o Solomos (Demoticists Club of Irakleion Crete Solomos), 1909, Heraklion; Dimotikistiki Omada (Demoticist Group), 1916, Cairo.

The Society for Education, the most important among the demoticist organizations, was established in 1910. Its objectives were stated in its statutes, published in the periodical Noumas: the foundation of a Model Primary School in Athens for the upgrading of Greek education, the application of a new linguistic-educational system in Greek schools. Manolis Triantafyllidis, Dimitris Glinos and Alexandros Delmouzos were the founding members of the Society. All three took part in the educational reform promoted by the Liberal government, especially in 1917.