We shall show orders to the masons,
laws to the wise men -governors and craftsmen alike
will hurry to us,

towers will rise and cities,
the fair judges of the good and the beautiful
will be propped once again everywhere.

As soon as we get out of this cemetery
towards the light and the wide air
we will find again youth -as before-,
and outside the cramped coffins,
Caesars and Alexanders, we will pave,
with the sword of Language, the way.

Peaks of Olympus and Parnassus!
Both from our thoughts and our measures
men and Parthenons are made
a resurrection of the dead through and through the soul!
The centuries kneel again
full of Joy before the Great Pan.

And the wretched wise men, the sterile
teachers, who had kept us for years on end
and they take us along dragging us,
sacred last relics
of the lost Race,

seeing us thus golden-winged
fleeing through their hands
in an apotheosis never to repeat itself again
they will believe that golden dreams have taken on flesh
and they will shine themselves like semi-gods
borrowing the reflection of our divinity!

Excerpt from . Palamas, Dodekalogos tou Gyftou, in . Palamas, Apanta, v. 3, Athens, Biris editions, 1960, pp. 350-351.