The Higher Municipal Girls School began operating in Volos in 1908 under the head, Alexandros Delmouzos,

the advocate of new educational methods: the reinforcement of initiative and the establishment of students' individual and group work; the use of demotic Greek in teaching; the study of Classical Greek literature through translation.
The school, however, disturbed the local community of Volos, and following a reactionary reception the school closed down in 1911. A charge of atheism was referred to the court in Nafplion in 1914, but the defendants were acquitted.

The views of the Society for Education were to a certain extent expressed in the educational reform implemented by the Liberal governments, especially in the second phase of 1917, when its architects, Alexandros Delmouzos, Dimitris Glinos and Manolis Trianrafyllidis, collaborated in the Ministry of Education with the Venizelist government.