"Thus terminated the three-day battle of Kilkis-Lachanas, with the Greek arms having full prevalence, but also with heavy toll. The total casualties of the Greek army during this battle reached 8,828 killed and wounded, among whom ten battalion or regimental commanders.[...]

The Bulgarian casualties have also been great, without though being fully verified, while approximately 2,500 Bulgarians have been taken prisoners and 19 guns, 5 limbers, large quantities of small arms, and considerable equipment were captured.
The General Staff, remaining in Melissohori the whole day of 21st June, issued in 21.00 an order for the following day, according to which the divisions should, from the noon of 22nd June, be ready to resume their advance, apart from the divisions already in the pursuit of the enemy. At the same time due to the great casualties in army officers during the Kilkis-Lachanas battle, it commanded the removal of all the insignia of rank from officers' caps, so as not to be an evident target to the enemy".

General Headquarters, Epitomi Istoria ton Valkanikon Polemon 1912-1913, Athens, 1992, p. 223.