"To General Paraskevopoulos

You are requested to announce to Division I, the following on my behalf Dispatch.

The occupation of Smyrna by the Greek army and the restoration of order there have been decided by the Great Powers. No more honourable expedition has been assigned to part of the National army, throughout its long history.

I believe that you will meet the requirements of your mission and that all officers and privates will feel justified pride for this expedition and that they will reflect on the responsibilities that each of us has before the Nation.

It is necessary that each of the men of the Division be inspired by the awareness that they themselves represent Greece and must always bear in mind that on their every word and act, the esteem of Greece will depend, in the eyes not only of the Ottomans but also of foreigners, who reside in plenty in Smyrna.

The Conference has not decided definitely yet about our National claims, but the honour it pays us to entrust us with the securing of order in the motherland Ionia, proves the confidence it bears to us and I am certain that you will come up to this confidence.

I do not need to make recommendations concerning your behaviour towards the Greeks of Ionia. We have been awaiting for centuries this joyful day, never despairing even amidst the most severe calamities.

But also to the Turkish, Jewish and Armenian element and various European communities you will demonstrate through your behaviour that the Greek army not only does it not lack in bravery and self-sacrifice and nobility of soul compared to the Allied armies, but claims to be in the forefront of civilization.

On the confidence that you will inspire to all foreign elements and above all to the most numerous Turkish community, will depend to a great extent the materialization of our National desires.

May the greetings of the Nation be with you.
Eleftherios Venizelos."

Ch. Triantafyllidis, I Mikrasiatiki Ekstrateia kai to Imerologion enos oplitou, vol. 1, Athens, Dodoni editions, 1984, p. 25.

Message of the President of the Greek Government to the people of Smyrna

"The fullness of time has come. Greece has been summoned by the Peace Conference to occupy Smyrna, in order to ensure order. The Greeks of Ionia understand that this decision has been taken, because in the consciousness of those in command of the Conference the union of Smyrna with Greece has been determined. Being until the Balkan wars subjugated under the same yoke,

I very well comprehend the feelings of joy filling today the souls of the Greeks of Asia Minor.

I do not intend to prevent the manifestation of these feelings. But I am certain, that this manifestation will not take the character neither of hostility nor of arrogance towards any of the neighbouring elements of the population. Let the manifestation of the overflowing joy be accompanied on the contrary by manifestations of brotherly feelings towards the neighbouring populations. Let them understand, that we do not celebrate the dismantlement of a yoke, in order to supplant it with our own rule at the expense of others. But that the Greek freedom will bring to all, independently of race and religion, equality and justice. Instilling to all neighbouring populations this confidence, we do not only remain faithful to our National substance, but we also serve in the best way these supreme National interests. Special attention must be given to the Italian element. Let it not be forgotten, that Italy consented along with the other Allies to the Greek occupation of Smyrna. I am well aware that my appeal to the Greeks of Asia Minor will not be in vain and I wish, as soon as possible, to be able to visit it, bringing the message of its national restoration.

Eleftherios Venizelos"

Ch. Triantafyllidis, I Mikrasiatiki Ekstrateia kai to Imerologion enos oplitou, vol. 1, Athens, Dodoni editions, 1984, p. 26.