In "The New York Times" of 5/18 September 1922 a telegram has been published citing among others:

"Between Saturday (27 August old calendar) and Wednesday no Armenian house remained intact. Doors were violated, women were raped, men were killed and houses were pillaged. The streets are scattered all over with corpses horribly disfigured. Turkish soldiers of the regular army paricipate in the pillaging. We met them bearing various packets. They carry the booty upon donkeys, carts, carriages. The massacre takes huge dimensions. On the night of Tuesday, 30st, thousands of Armenians have been massacred. Their bodies lay unburied and exude a terrible smell".
[...] In the foreign newspapers frightening descriptions are published. In the courtyard of the Armenian church of Ayios Stephanos, the correspondents report that more than 5,000 Armenians have been slaughetered after their heroic resistance has been suppressed. Next fire has been set to the church and the destroyers began undisturbed the systematic destruction of the Greek quarters. The mob was headed by the director of the police of Kordelio himself.

Ch. Angelomatis, Chronikon Megalis Tragodias, Athens, Bookshop of Estia, n.d., pp. 245-247.