"Among those who had suffered the torture of captivity is Meletios V. Margaritis, from Erythrae in Megarid. He reports the following through a letter to the writer:

"I was myself in the Ushak prisoners camp. When we lost our doctors from typhus, mourning has set in in our souls. With doctor Dielacovias we had served in the виии b squadron of mountain artillery and were taken prisoners together. Among other things you have published on Ushak camp I remember the following :
In the Ushak camp 50-60 people were dying daily from typhus, dysentery and frostbites in the winter. We were forced to put them by twos on stretchers and carry them at a short distance to the west of Ushak. There we were emptying them in a gorge 3-4 metres deep, where they would reach bottom tumbling. But towards March when the winter was over, the disintegrating bodies of our unfortunate brothers were oozing. The foul smell reached Ushak and the Turks realizing that there was the danger of cholera were taking us daily to collect what was left by the vultures. But how bury them? There were neither picks nor spades. Only wooden ones and we couldn't dig the earth. We were hit with a whip, especially by one Suleiman tsaous who was the tiger of the camp, because we didn't cover well the relics of our brothers. The vultures were sitting on the rim of the gorge anticipating more bodies".

Ch. Angelomatis, Chronikon Megalis Tragodias, Athens, Bookshop of Estia, n.d., pp. 387-388.