"People of Asia Minor,

The Greek Asia Minor Defence, shares your pain and participates in your justified anxiety, which has been caused by the recent painful news concerning your fate.

But at the same time, the Greek Asia Minor Defence, knows in depth, the bravery of your soul and the endurance of the Greek race, which had always confronted the risks, held in contempt obstacles and, steadily, fought and came out victorious from all the atrocious calamities of its three-thousand year life. People of Asia Minor! - The Greek Asia Minor Defence does not conceal how serious and crucial the present situation is. Your freedom is at stake. The subjugation to the horrible yoke that you have believed, and you are right to believe has been for good crushed by the brotherly arms of the glorious Greek army and the affectionate hands of your very children, the brave Asia Minor warriors, with the consent and the comand of the Great Allied Powers has been decided anew. People of Asia Minor! - Preserve your composure and the unshakeable faith in the final victory of your Race, in the fortunate destiny of it. No mean statement should shake your faith, that Hellenism will emerge out glorious and triumphant from this new tempest, if it brings together all its moral and material resources. The last decisions of the Conference are impressive. These are proposals for a preliminary understanding between the belligerents. But the state cannot but bear in mind the irrevocable decision of the whole Nation. It cannot overrule the decision of a large part of Hellenism, that prefers to die fighting heroically than to be enslaved again. This decision of yours, people of Asia Minor, must be stated loud, outside the Hellenic state, to all the civilized, and liberal peoples of the World. They must be persuaded, that there is no sacrifice that you are not willing to suffer in order to resist injustice and violence. People of Asia Minor! Your Patriacrh, from the coveted City of your dreams, the sacred Phanari, which has witnessed all the trials and all the glory of our Unredeemed Race, appeals during these crucial hours, to the help of God and interpreting the desire of the soul of his hanged predecessor, sends thee from the closed door of Martyrdom His blessing in order to encourage and reinforce your noble struggle. Our Asia Minor warriors and thousands of volunteers originating from all parts of Hellenism, are willing to fight for hearth and altar. People of Asia Minor! All the representatives of Hellenism from America, Europe, Egypt, gather in London on Sunday to plead for your Freedom, to declare the National struggle to the death. The eyes, desires, hopes and love of the whole Hellenism turn to You. The moral and material resources of Hellenism are inexhaustible. Be courageous. These will secure your freedom and at the same time the honour of your Nation. Long live your imperishable freedom.

Smyrna, 18 March 1922.

The Administrative Committee of the Greek Asia Minor Defence

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